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France’s terroir hides many treasures and its natural mineral water is among the most precious.

The underground springs of our group’s natural mineral waters are found in the country’s regional and national parks, in protected natural environments far from all sources of pollution.

The water undergoes no chemical treatment, enabling it to maintain its original purity, which is what makes it more precious than other water.


The Ogeu Group’s natural mineral waters have completed a journey over decades, being enriched in protected underground springs that reflect their terroir and ensure the water’s composition always remains the same.

Only natural mineral water can guarantee a unique origin, which is what makes it more precious than other water.


The Ogeu Group’s mineral waters are unique in their mineral composition. With some only lightly mineralized and others rich in calcium or magnesium, they can also be suitable for people with fragile dispositions (pregnant women, infants), athletes, and those on low-sodium diets. Our wide range of water means there is something for everyone!

There is always a natural mineral water that suits our body’s needs, which is what makes is more precious than other water.

Unique flavors

When they reach their underground springs, the Ogeu Group’s natural mineral waters pass through several layers of rock and sediment, which is what determines their minerality and gives them their unique flavors!

And, as their flavors depend on their composition, these stay the same too.

Recyclage - groupe Ogeu


The Ogeu Group has, for many years, been committed to a system of virtuous recycling.

All the bottles used for our natural mineral waters are produced from 100% recyclable material and every time they are sent for recycling, they begin their long journey to becoming a new bottle.

With your help, the bottles used for natural mineral water can have several lives.