Ogeu Group


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Executive Committee​





Chief Operating Officer

Pierre Bodard

Chief Operating Officer Trade, Strategy & Development

Arnaud Latorre

Human Resources Director & Beer trading
Jérome Pistolat

Claire Bastardoz

Director of Operations

Bernard Voisin

Financial Control Director

Thierry Croissant

Industrial Director

Mathieu Lignac

Marketing Director

Nicolas Cherdronnet

CSR Director

Hélène Vimont

Legal Responsable

Jean-Marc Picot

Accounting Director

Céline Salles-Loustau

Financial Control Director

Nicolas Cherdronnet

Commercial Director North France

Frédéric Messire

Commercial Director South France

Séverine Trabbia-Clair

GKA Director

Olivier Borredon

GKA Director

Anne Fichter

GKA Director

Frédérique Santiago

Directrice Service Clients

Baptiste Goetz

Export Director

Olivier Poidevin

GKA Director

Pierre Bachoué

Sales Director

Vincent Payet

Commercial Director alcoholic bewerages copacking

Bruno Hascoët

Quality Director
Serge Bély

Serge Bely

Technical Director
Serge Bély

José Rodrigues

Director of the SEMO production site
Pierre-Alain Cazes

Pierre-Alain Cazes

Director of the Quezac production site
Pierre-Alain Cazes

Emmanuel Quideau

Director of the Lutecia production site
Mickaël Ferreira

Mickael Ferreira

Director of the SESS production site
Marjorie Renaudin

Marjorie Renaudin

Operation Manager Plancoet production site
Pierre-Alain Cazes

Paul Wetterwald

Operations Manager of the Brasserie des Pyrénées
Pierre-Alain Cazes

Guillaume Chouzy

Operation Manager production site Valécrin