our springs : a matter of pride since 1820

At the foot of our mountains

Thermal center in 1910
The story began in 1820 in the heart of the Pyrenees. Ogeu Group's great adventure started when a thermal cure center was created right at the springs location and later when a mineral water bottling plant was set up there. Ogeu Group has now become the leader of the regional water market in France.
Since it was founded, the company has been ruled by the same family. Today the company's CEO Jean-Hervé Chassaigne and his sister Pascale Lapassade go on writing the story of the Group's great adventure which began nearly 200 years ago at the foot of our mountains.

Our group

Ile de France
Sainte Baume
We are proud to keep the strong distinctive quality of our springs alive in the heart of our territories.

This pride also derives from the conviction that our natural, still and sparkling waters give testimony to the varied and interlinked cultures of the Pyrenees, Britany, Ile de France and Provence. There lie the strengh of our involvement and the root of our pride.



Chiffre D'affaire

80 M€


400 M

Liters per year

Top Management

Chief Operating Officer
Arnaud Latorre
Arnaud Latorre
Humain Ressources Manager
Christophe Labes
Christophe Labes
Marketing & Communication Manager
Mathieu Lignac
Mathieu Lignac
Sales Development Manager
Jean-Marc Picot
Jean-Marc Picot
Accounting Manager
Bernard Voisin
Bernard Voisin
Financial Control Manager
Hélène Vimont
Hélène Vimont
Legal Manager

Markets a wide range of group drinks and partners to the French Supermarket. It is supported by a fully integrated national sales force.

Olivier Borredon
Olivier Borredon
National Customer Manager
Nicolas Cherdronnet
Nicolas Cherdronnet
Sales Development Manager
Ahmed Yahia
Ahmed Yahia
Supply Chain Manager
Frédérique Santiago
Frédérique Santiago
Client Relation Manager

Manages the production units.

Thierry Croissant
Thierry Croissant
Industrial Manager
Bruno Hascoët
Bruno Hascoët
Quality Manager
Kaskad diffusion

Responsible for developing the sales of the Group’s beverages, including beers in the CHR, Cavistes and Hors Domicile circuit.

Nicolas Cherdronnet
Nicolas Cherdronnet
Sales Development Manager
Pierre Bachouét
Pierre Bachoué
South West of France Sales Development Manager

Ensures the marketing of a wide range of Group beverages and partners in all international markets, particularly to Premium retail and Horeca market players. We have a subsidiary in Singapore.

Marion Kinasz
Marion Kinasz
North America and Asia Sales Manager
Emilie Ribereau
Emilie Ribereau
China, Middle-East, Africa, Central & South America Sales Manager
Société des eaux
minérales d'ogeu
  • Quartier les Fontaines - B.P. 4
    64 680 Ogeu-les-Bains
  • +33 (0)5 59 34 91 33
  • Molines
  • +33 (0)4 66 45 47 15
Eau Minérale de
Plancoët source Sassay
  • Avenue de Sassay - B.P.13
    22 130 Plancoët
  • +33 (0)2 96 84 39 10
Source du Val
Saint Lambert
  • 12, Chemin de la Messe
    78 470 Saint-Lambert-des-Bois
  • +33 (0)1 30 43 20 09
  • 96, Avenue des Couteliers
    40 150 Soorts-Hossegor
  • +33 (0)5 58 41 94 32
Société d'exploitation
des sources de signes
  • 3200, Route de Méounes
    83 870 Signes
  • +33 (0)4 94 25 31 00
  • Quartier les Fontaines - B.P. 4
    64 680 Ogeu-les-Bains
  • +33 (0)5 59 34 91 33
  • 10, Impasse des Joncs
    64 100 Bayonne
  • +33 (0)5 59 64 27 22
  • Eau de source des Alpes
    38740 Le Périer
  • +33 (0)4 76 30 17 97

Significant Dates

End of WW2 The thermal cure center founded in 1820 gives way to a plant bottling OGEU sparkling mineral water and lemonade in glass bottles.
1957 Still water bottling is added to OGEU sparkling range products.
1971 First technological advance : bottling of still water in PET plastic bottles manufactured on site.
1998 The company Société d'exploitation des Sources de Signes (SESS) is founded in Var (South-Eastern France) to sell spring and natural mineral water from Provence on a regional level under the brand Beaupré and to develop private labels in France and abroad.
2013 The company Source du Val St Lambert, located in the Yvelynes in the Chevreuse valley, is acquired as a natural mineral water bottling plant.
2013 Société Eau minérale de Plancoët is acquired in Côtes d'Armor (Britanny). This plant deals with the bottling of mineral and sparkling water in PET or returnable glass bottles and with the PET bottling of a  spring water under the name Source Ste Alix.
2015 OGEU ASIA is founded by the Group in Singapore. This subsidiary is in charge of developing sales in Asia.
2015 Hapchot beer factory is founded in Hossegor (Landes – South-Western France).
2015 Brasserie des Pyrénées company is founded in Ogeu (Pyrenées Atlantiques).
2015 Belharra beer factory is founded in Bayonne (Pyrénées Atlantiques).
2017 Quezac mineral water company located in Lozère gets acquired.
It is a bottling plant of sparkling natural mineral water in PET bottles.
2017 Valécrin spring water company located in Isère gets acquired.
It is a bottling plant of spring water in PET bottles.
At the crossroads of the valleys of Aspe, Barétous and Ossau, nature knows how to take time to offer us pure water
Water collected from Ogeu sources is very lightly mineralised. This quality makes of Ogeu one of the lightest waters in France, that you can drink "to your heart's content". As pure as snow, Ogeu mineral water is suitable for the whole family. It is even recommended for babies.

Sparkling waters, lemonades and energy drinks : OGEU also offers a (wide) range of drinks which are emblematic of our knowhow and level of requirement .
Produits Ogeu
Carte Ogeu
Natural water
from a genuine land
In the heart of the Gevaudan province juts out the Causses plateau, a wilderness where weather elements fight each other unrelentingly, where rocks battle the wind, where plants take root in the heart of the rocky massifs.

Waters seep into this steep landscape and give birth in their midst to Quezac water. Its decades-long journey gives the water its legendary strength and makes it sparkle with millions of miraculous bubbles.
Produits Quezac
Carte Quezac
All the wealth and history of French Brittany in Plancoët Water
Plancoët water has been recognized as a natural mineral water since 1928. Since the 80's, Plancoët site has been working closely with local farmers to protect the environment.

To the delight of all, Plancoët launched in 2011 a finely sparkling water for restaurants and hotels.
Produits Plancoët
Carte Plancoët
In the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the upper Chevreuse Valley, the water from Saint Lambert spring is captured after a long journey through plains to forests
Firmly anchored in the Parisian area, our Chevreuse spring benefits from a pollution-free environment. It's a pure and light natural mineral water

Chevreuse is recommanded for baby food preparation and drink.
Produits Chevreuse
Carte Chevreuse
Sainte Baume
A 100% provençal water in the heart of Sainte-Baume's massif.
The Sainte-Baume massif, overlooking Provence, gave its name to a natural mineral water: Sainte-Baume.

Drawn in the heart of the beech, oak and Scotch pine forest of the massif, this water, with its low mineral content and neutral taste, once bottled, reproduces all the freshness of its long underground journey and of its beneficial effects on our body.
Produits Sainte Baume
Carte Sainte Baume
Spirit of the Alps
The very spirit of the Alps lies in your hands: this genuine mountain spring water spurts out at a height of 1000 meters in the heart of the Ecrins massif.

A gift from the snows, Valécrin represents the untouched and preserved spirit of our mountains.
Carte Sainte Baume

Aiming for excellence

Pays Basque
3 Lands 3 Beers 3 Prides
In the flourishing environment of regional beers, Ogeu intends to play a leading role in South Western France as a brewer.

Our company Brasserie des Pyrenees is a subsidiary of OGEU Group. Our beers are conceived and produced by our on-site brewers and we take care of the bottling process.
  • Sarriat, Beer from the Pyrenees
  • Hapchot, Beer from Landes
  • Belharra, Beer from Pays Basque
A local business model

Unlike some so called "homemade" beers which are produced far from the location they refer to, Ogeu has an ambitious plan :

  • Brew its craft beer in the south western of France
  • Bottle its craft beer in Ogeu Les Bains
  • Enhance local links by actively promoting the richness our Basque, Landes and Pyrenees lands and cultures, while proposing an economical model where proximity is the key word
Sarriat, beer from the Pyrenees
In the Pyrenees, we have our mountains, our streams, our protected areas, cheeses and marmots. We needed a beer as fresh, distinctive and dynamic as our izards.

Here is SARRIAT. What does Sarriat mean? It means little izard, an elusive and free animal in love with its Pyrenees. Leaping and curious, unfazed by heights and conventions, it is proud of its mountains and the treasures they hold. Water is one of the best treasures in the Pyrenees. Pure, with a neutral taste, enriched by the landscape it has crossed, this water had to be joined to a beer

Your beer.
In a flourishing environment of regional beers, Ogeu intends to play a leading role in South Western France as a brewer.
Produits Sarriat
Carte Sarriat
Hapchot, beer from Landes
Born in 2012, our craft beer is brewed according to a traditional process in our "made in South-Western France" HAPCHOT factory.

Our brewer Maylis has designed a beer in harmony with the Landes spirit : it is simple and refined. Light and refreshing, it will astonish you with its large flavour range in harmony with its sweet bitterness.
Produits Hapchot
Carte Hapchot
Belharra, beer from Pays Basque
As we told you, with the pure water flowing from our mountains, our brewer's caring and passionate energy, the watchful eye of the Atlantic ocean and Bayonne battlements ensuring our protection, we had better achieve a great beer. This beer belongs to you : it tells the story of our land and our land is Basque.

Far from being a stereotype, this beer is like you. Our pride resides wholly in the name we gave it : Belharra, meaning hay, grass in the basque language, as the simple tribute we owe to our land, our roots and what we deeply are.
Extean Egina means home made : it is a strong promise not to be trifled with. Belharra is a beer of friendliness and exchange. But is it like the others ?

Beware of fakes : this beer is as magical and sparkling as the golden hues of our mountains and the crest of our waves. This beer is our beer, you were warned. Welcome to the Basque Country.
Produits Belharra
Carte Belharra


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